Let the sunshine in

Full glass sunrooms are the best way to bring the outside indoors. Sunrooms can provide a space with natural light for an indoor swimming pool, a spot to nurture a garden or a sanctuary to nurture yourself. If a sunroom might be in your future, the following two questions can help you decide which kind of sunroom meets your requirements and your budget:

  1. Do you plan to use your sunroom year-round? In some areas of the country, you can easily use your sunroom 365 days a year, while others with four distinct seasons can require fully insulated windows, roofs and walls to combat broiling summer days or freezing winter nights. You may also have to install additional heating and cooling systems.
  2. Do you want to remodel an existing room or create a new space? If there’s already an existing structure such as a patio or deck, it may be easier and less expensive to install a new sunroom there.

The answers to these questions can steer you toward the best sunroom choice for your home.

Care After Transplanting

After transplanting, your job isn’t over. New transplants require ongoing care and consideration. Don’t expect them to come back in full force for at least a year, as they need to acclimate to their new space before sending out new growth above ground.

  • Mulch. Add 2 – 3 inches of mulch around the base of transplants to help retain moisture and moderate soil temperature. That helps promote root growth as the plant settles in. Be sure to keep mulch away from tree trunks and the crown of shrubs, to keep air flow optimal and prohibit rot.
  • Water Deeply. It’s important to water a newly transplanted tree or shrub thoroughly, and consistently, for a couple of weeks after moving it. Give it a very deep drink every day that it doesn’t rain substantially.
  • Stake Trees. If you’ve transplanted a tree, you need to stake it, at least for the next 6 – 12 months. Use 2 – 3 stakes, making sure any wire or rope used doesn’t strangle the trunk, damaging the bark.
  • Don’t Fertilize. Do not fertilize newly transplanted trees and shrubs. That encourages new leaf and branch growth, when all the plant’s energy needs to focus on rebuilding the root system.